"If I advance, follow me. If I stop, urge me on. If I retreat, kill me."  From Los Kaibiles (Guatemalan killing machines), School of the Assassins.

      This is not for babies! This is not a cruise. You get dumped in the upper Kenai at 4:30 am with a fly rod, fishing for Sockeye salmon while on your guard for grizzlies. If that's not enough to help you forget your troubles, and those of the real and imaginary characters in your life, I don't know what is!














     How do writers keep their sanity? I can't claim that we do, but as I mentioned, I learned everything I needed to know in the Air Force. "We work hard, and we play hard." Very true, and words of wisdom.

      We all have drama in our lives with family and friends. When you're a novelist, you live with imaginary people who become real to you. To explain about writing novels: You just make up characters, give them problems, and write down how they solve them. Sounds simple, but it's a huge responsiblity!

       You're constantly dealing with problems of the real people in your life, as well as your characters. Sometimes you need to take a break and recharge. The best way to do that? Sport fishing in Alaska, of course.








About Me

       Almost everything I know about life I learned through service in the United States Air Force, and am proud to be a veteran.

       For over 20 years I've written articles for magazines such as The Los Angeles Times Magazine, Oxygen (a weight training magazine for women), L.A. Fitness, Senior and Hearing Health.

       My first two novels, White Trash and Croutons, were published in 1995 by an imprint of Red Hen Press under the pen name Katie Carothers.

       During the day I work as a "teenager whisperer" for the Los Angeles Unified School District's Office of Transition Services. I place at-risk high school students in paid work experiences in the community, where I supervise and teach them essential work skills.

       At night I work on my novels, usually on the couch with my laptop, in my old pajamas. It's the best!

      School of the Assassins morphed through various incarnations for over 10 years. The idea for my Pieter Durant character began to jell 20 years ago through hearing the stories of my sister Carolyn's boyfriend, Pieter, an Afrikaner from South Africa and former Congo mercenary.

       As I began my research for School of the Assassins, I had no idea of the extent of the invisible Afrikaner genocide currently occuring in South Africa at the hands of the post-apartheid government, the African National Congress (ANC). The reality is both shocking and sobering, and my greatest hope is that School of the Assassins will assist in bringing much-needed awareness to this terrible tragedy.





 W.K. Blais